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Managing Ourselves

Improve levels of awareness, focus, clarity, empathy & resilience – all essential for cutting-edge 21st century performance

The MindDEP Approach

Our training program blends cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience with formal and informal mindfulness training, leading to greater focus, resilience, self-awareness and emotional self-regulation for optimal human functioning and flourishing.

Measuring Stress

We measure physical and mental stress for 3 days and 3 nights providing you with a detailed report of how you are coping (or not) with daily stressors.

Mindfulness Training

8 weeks of mindfulness and neuroscience training. Formal group mindfulness sessions and regular homework practice.

Re-Measuring Stress

We re-measure you for 3 days and 3 nights to show you the improvements in your physiological and psychological stress levels.

Scientific Data

Our program scientifically measures stress & stress recovery to identify which lifestyle factors are triggering stress responses in your body.


3 Days & 3 nights Lifestyle Assessment


Data gathed via heart rate analysis device


Measures mental & physical stressors


Tests at the beginning & end of the program


Detailed reports about the nervous system and how you are coping (or not) with daily stressors

Managing the Mind

MindDEP’s corporate mindfulness and neuroscience training program, Managing the Mind, is designed to systematically develop powers of awareness, attention and perception that can revolutionise the way we relate to ourselves, to others, to the way we think, feel and behave – not only at work but in the rest of our lives too.

Mindfulness training enhances mental performance, reduces stress and produces favourable business outcomes.

Our 8 week program managing the mind program includes 8 x 2.5 hour mindfulness & neuroscience training sessions. In between sessions there is daily mindfulness practice homework. You will learn:

  • Awareness training and the body mind continuum
  • How to interrupt automatic pilot and be present
  • Attention training for self awareness and emotional self-regulation
  • The neuroscience of how mindfulness re-sculpts and integrates the brain
  • The neurobiology of emotions, including disarming the amygdala hijack
  • The neuroscience of resilience and wellbeing

Managing Ourselves

“You cannot manage other people unless you can manage yourself first.”

Peter  Drucker

Our MindDEP programs can be tailored to your business


At MindDEP, we pride ourselves on our clients leaving our program in a very different state to when they arrived. Their state being one of optimal human functioning and wellbeing.

Typically our clients are high-achieving and already driven and successful. However, in today’s attention economy – where attention is an increasingly scarce resource – our clients are looking for enhanced clarity, focus and attention, as well as strengthened cognitive flexibility and innovative decision making.

In addition, our clients typically work in pressured, complex and highly demanding roles, and are also looking to better manage and prevent stress through greater self-awareness and emotional self- regulation.


Our mindfulness program is for leaders of all levels

Thank you for opening my eyes, I now see how my actions and the way I live and work have a direct impact on my body and mind. I finally get it, the report charts make it very clear. You have taken me on my first step forward in conscious awareness of how my life and work choices will affect my future health.”

Francesca Mutton

“I hadn’t quite realised how much I internalise stress and carry it in my physical being. I have gained a much greater awareness of this and overall feel much more connected with myself physically and emotionally. I am now much more aware of when I am engaging my parasympathetic nervous system and my sympathetic nervous system! The tools to deal with stressful situations have been invaluable already and I have no doubt that I will continue to call upon these for the rest of my life.”

Laura Duguid

“What was different and impactful was learning about my body cues. I had already looked at my beliefs and how I think, but had not previously tuned into the body – a major missing component as the body’s reaction is the first reaction you have, and then our thoughts and often verbal reaction follow. To get the physical cues first and then being able to stop a negative verbal or thought reaction spiralling is invaluable.”

Carol Edmunds

MindDEP - Managing the Mind

Reduce stress, improve your focus and increase your effectiveness as a leader

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