Mindfulness research

Mindfulness Research

 Over the last three decades a substantial body of scientific research has repeatedly shown that mindfulness plays a critical role in human functioning – particularly in the area of health and wellbeing, and  purposeful positive change.
Ironically, we live in an era that almost encourages mindlessness – the fast pace, relentless pressure and 24/7 connectivity of today’s demanding work environment means that the corporate world needs mindful leaders like at no other time before.

Just as physical training is vital for a healthy body, mind training is vital for a healthy mind. Mindfulness is a form of mental training, that – simply put – is attention training, and it cultivates our ability to observe what is going on in our own mind.
A regular mindfulness practice can literally re-sculpt the brain and carve new neural pathways, enabling us to function mentally, emotionally and physically at an optimal level.
This training and honing of our attention, together with cultivating and increasing resilience, form a critical 21st century skill set needed to help us better manage ourselves, our teams, and our organisations.

Research shows that mindfulness training:

  • heightens the ability to manage and prevent stress
  • increases self-awareness and self-regulation of emotions
  • enhances clarity, focus and attention
  • cultivates empathy and emotional intelligence
  • improves performance and effectiveness
  • fosters creativity and innovation
  • strengthens cognitive effectiveness and skilful decision-making
  • improves communication and interpersonal relationships
  • increases wellbeing and quality of life

 Here at MindDEP, we have divided research on mindfulness into two streams: 

1. Research Worldwide: Mindfulness in the Workplace
2. Research Worldwide: Mindfulness for Health and Wellbeing

  1. Supporting evidence specifically for mindfulness training in the workplace (click the pages below to view a sample)


2. Supporting evidence for mindfulness training playing a critical role in health, wellbeing and optimal human functioning


Our Programs

MindDEP training programs blends cutting-edge cognitive neuroscience with formal and informal mindfulness training, leading to greater focus, resilience, self-awareness and emotional self-regulation for optimal human functioning and flourishing.


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